Hi! How are things going on this Monday morning? I hope everyone had a nice weekend!


We kicked our weekend off a little earlier than usual on Friday thanks to the sunny, warm temps.  The nice weather had us craving some Mexican fare, so we headed straight to our favorite spot, El Jefe in Freeport. It’s an authentic taco bar with amazing burritos and handmade margaritas.

We arrived right as they were opening for dinner, so we were able to choose a beautiful spot outside under a giant tree in the shade. Emilia enjoyed playing on the blanket with her toys as she practiced her hello wave to everyone who walked by. She’s becoming quite the social butterfly these days, which is so darn cute to see!

We nibbled on chips and salsa (our favorite snack!) and sipped on margaritas while we waited for our butternut squash burrito entrees to arrive. The burritos were so tasty and we ate every last bite. Clean plate club!

After dinner we headed home to put Emilia to bed and visit with my brother, Erik. We spent the evening chatting about funny stories from the past and watched mine and my twin brother’s wedding videos to relive those fun moments with friends and family. My wedding video is so special to me! It highlights all the hard work, fun and sweet moments of our DIY barn wedding weekend.


Saturday morning began as it always does in my house with coffee in bed and lots of dog and baby snuggles. My brother ended up spending the night at our house and he joined us for a beach walk at Mackworth Island.

By the time we arrived, Emilia was due for her morning nap so she slept in the carrier the whole time while we walked the dogs on the scenic trail overlooking the ocean.

Riley loves to swim so we stopped at one of the many beaches along the trail so she could play in the water. I swear she could do this all day if I let her! Emma doesn’t care too much for being wet but she got in the water anyway to play with her sister. What a good sport she is.

After our walk we headed into Portland for lunch and grocery shopping. We find ourselves coming back to Flatbread Company for brick oven pizza time and time again. They source many of their ingredients from local farms and you can view the bay from inside or outside on their patio. We got a table outside, but then changed our plans as soon as we got to the table because Emilia did not want to be sitting. We ordered a flatbread to go with salads and decided to have a picnic at a nearby park so Emilia could crawl while we ate. Before we left, we made sure to let Emilia say hello to people and watch boats come and go from the harbor.

Once we got settled on a blanket at the park and were just about to start eating, we realized we were sitting on top of an ant pile! They were crawling into the pizza box and all over our blanket so we quickly packed up and headed back to the car. Luckily, we were able to eat most of the pizza in the car and then headed home so Emilia could nap.

After I put Emilia down for her afternoon nap, I ran out to grab groceries for the week. I love having my shopping buddy with me, but it is nice when I have the chance to go shopping by myself and I take full advantage of these moments on weekends while Zach is available. It feels odd to go anywhere without Emilia or be apart from her for too long but a little alone time is important for all mama’s!

When Emilia was up from her nap, we decided to go for an evening walk at the nearby park before dinner. I used to play soccer growing up, so when I spotted a soccer ball on the field, I decided to have some fun. Riley was playing hardcore defense on me while Emma chased us!

We couldn’t leave without a little swing time! It makes my heart so happy to see Emilia’s face light up. Watching her enjoy the simple, fun things in life is truly one of the best things about being her mama. She was belly laughing in this picture!

I made a vegetable stir fry for dinner when we got home that had mushrooms, red pepper, onion, zucchini and broccoli with coconut rice and meatless Italian sausage. This is one of my favorite dinners to make because it’s so easy and nutrient dense.

Following dinner, we gave Emilia a much needed bath before rocking her to sleep. She is so cute and cuddly when I wrap her up after bath time!

Zach and I have been into watching romantic comedies lately, so we finished the night watching part of Hitch before we fell asleep.


You guessed it. The morning started off with coffee in bed as a family and then I made banana pancakes for breakfast. These have become a Sunday morning ritual in my house as of late and I’m loving it! I always have spotty bananas leftover from the week so making pancakes is a great way to use them up.

Sunday was our designated packing day (another blog post to come on where we’re going!). I really wanted to get the china cabinet packed and off my to do list. Surprisingly, I was able to get this done while Emilia napped. You guys, she napped for about 90 minutes. This is so rare and I’m so grateful to have had that time to get something accomplished!

We spent the rest of the day packing, organizing and dropped off a large load of items to Goodwill. I have to say, I am really enjoying the process of moving because Zach and I have been simplifying our wardrobe and getting rid of clothes, furniture, etc, that we never use or need. Personally, I’m a fan of simplicity because it feels manageable and organized to me. Getting rid of old things that are just collecting dust feels therapeutic!

Emilia has been refusing solid food here and there lately when she’s feeling irritable from teething so I grabbed the frozen blueberries (which she never refuses) and we sat in the front yard to play for a bit in the afternoon. She was so content eating blueberries and playing with her toys in the sunshine. And wherever there’s food, you’ll find Riley waiting patiently for a bite. Ha! Emma was in the backyard sunbathing – her favorite.

I was in the mood for some dark, leafy greens so I made loaded salads for dinner with spinach, kale, shredded carrots, grape tomatoes, cucumber, cubed tofu, baked sweet potato, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, homemade hummus, salsa, dijon mustard, extra virgin olive oil, and pink salt. These are pretty much all of my favorite things to put in a salad and the flavors all go together really well, in my opinion.

Emilia enjoyed some bites of tomato, tofu with hummus and sweet potato for dinner. One of her favorite things to do right now is share her food with Emma and Riley – lucky dogs! She also likes to drop everything from her high chair, then leans over to see where things land. Things can get pretty noisy at meal time in this house!

We don’t usually have dessert, but when we do we go for some dairy-free Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. This stuff is no joke. I think it tastes just as good or better than the regular version. It’s my favorite ice cream flavor of all time. Zach and I shared some bites together on the couch and then called it a night.

What did you enjoy doing this weekend? Comment below!