Good morning and happy Thursday to you!

Prior to Thanksgiving day, my husband and I embarked on a 10-day sugar detox that changed our relationship with sugar and how we eat on a consistent basis. The reason for doing this detox was to reset our mind and body of sugar addiction. Have you ever come home from a stressful day at work and reached for the first sugary food or drink you could find to soothe yourself? Or have you ever craved sugar so badly when feeling down or emotional about something in your life? We all do it. Sugar is comforting and provides a quick drug-like high in the brain for a few moments until we crash and want more. This cycle is what leads to becoming addicted to sugar and reaching for it every time you need a “high” or upper.

I realized that I was doing just this every night after dinner after a long, tiring day of taking care of my daughter and wanting some comfort. I didn’t want to continue leaning on sugar in those times of need, so I set out to change my behavior and find a better way.

Dr. Mark Hyman created the 10-day sugar detox to reset the addictive cycle and rid the body of toxins. The idea is that by resetting the mind and body by eating clean, whole foods, you won’t crave sugar any longer and you will lose weight, improve your energy, and prevent disease in the process. Keep reading to find out the amazing results that my husband and I experienced after just 10 days of this.

  • I lost the remaining baby weight that would not budge. I had lost a lot of the baby weight really quickly by breastfeeding, walking my dogs and eating plant-based (I’ve been eating plant-based for about a year now). But, I still had about 10 pounds of fat to lose and it’s pretty much gone. I’m fitting comfortably in my pre-pregnancy jeans. Hooray!

  • I feel GREAT! My energy level is so much better than it was. Even being a sleep deprived mama, I have so much energy during the day.

  • I had dark circles and puffy bags under my eyes that were really bothering me. I couldn’t even cover them up with makeup. The puffiness is gone and the dark circles are almost gone. I didn’t think that sugar would be the reason for this at all. Amazing!

  • Instead of leaning on sugar for comfort in the evenings, I focused on cooking dinner, talking with my husband, loving on my dogs, drinking water, and simply taking a shower (something that is so rare as a new mom)!

  • Because of this detox, I really connected with my food more and enjoyed cooking again. It was fun to play in the kitchen and create delicious meals that were so nourishing and filling. Cooking is a newfound hobby of mine!

Here is what my husband experienced:

“After 10 days of doing this detox I have to say I’m shocked at what an impact sugar had on my life. I burned fat off my abs and love handles that I couldn’t get rid of even after 3 months of working out. Now I truly believe that abs are made in the kitchen!

I feel more energized, my skin is healthier and I lost my beer bloat. I’m definitely going to continue cutting out as much sugar as possible in my daily routine.”

So, as you can see, this experience was positive on all levels. If you are interested in doing this detox or you’re looking for ways to improve your health, schedule a complimentary consultation with me! I would love to hear from you! xx